Notes from the 2019 Annual General Meeting of your residents’ Association

LWA AGM 2019 – Chair Steven Randall. 16 present. Meeting started 7.30 pm

  1. Welcome from Steve to all and Geoffrey Brighty apologies from – Keith, Paul and Di Maloney, Tim Ford, Chailin Tan and Neil Herlihy
  2. 2018 minutes read out by Shilipi. Matters arising – on agenda. Minutes unanimously approved.
  3. Councillor update – Councillor Brighty updated us on IKEA – traffic queues have been reported at weekends on Woolwich Rd but not as bad as expected but too early to say yet, Silvertown Tunnel approval -controversial and will be a charge to use both Silvertown and Blackwall Tunnels, Cruise Terminal not given go ahead, Crossrail delay, new developments – lots planned including council houses as well as on Kidbrooke estate and Woolwich and other empty sites. Transport not always considered by council as TFL is the provider – Geoff advised contacting TFL direct if concerns about bus routes and also linking with Blackheath Soc and Westcombe Soc about more general issues. Old peoples home – residents are gradually being offered alternative accommodation. Proposal is to have 8 general needs housing units and rest special needs units. Street lighting – proposal to upgrade Vicarage Ave lights. Shirley Gibbs asked about Nat West site – Geoff didn’t have any news. Cheryl (NWCoordinator) asked Geoff about a response to her email re funding from ward budget for ‘No Cold Calling’ zone and signage. He agreed to discuss with his 2 fellow ward councillors. Ward budget fund £30,000 – Geoff asked for ideas on what to use it  for. There is also a larger development fund for Blackheath Westcombe and Peninsula for £250K.
  4. Cheryl Spruce (Greenwich NW Coordinator ). Gave us a burglary update – mentioned the video ‘Burglary Masterclass’ which will be circulated and is on their website, and gave us a pile of new signs. Being a member of NW gives you an entitlement to 10% discount on house insurance, £40 discount on Ring doorbells (video enhanced door bell). She also passed around a leaflet on keeping your home safe from burglary. Phone and internet scams are the most common types of crime. Info is available on NW website on how to protect yourself. There has been a significant rise in burglaries in Greenwich in last 6 months (up 17.8% this year) – many being much more blatant and occurring during the day, 3/10 burglaries don’t require forced entry because doors are unlocked. Some simple suggestions – fake TV, pac locks, looking out for your neighbours, programming Alexa to bark occasionally, ‘beware of the dog signs’ etc. Importance of reporting crime stressed and echoed by Alex. Info will be circulated and a link to the NW website put on the LWA website.
  5. Reports


Last year’s balance – £1,823.

Subscriptions received to date – £440
Current balance as of AGM – £1,644.

Expenditure for previous year:

Website domain name renewal/Newsletter – £43.97
Standard Xmas lights contribution – £50
Donation to St John’s Church for AGM – £50
West end fence repair – £44.73
Website hosting – £71.86
BBQ food – £56.86
BBQ bouncy castle – £80
New signage for LW – £221.22

Suggestion made from the floor to do a mail out to encourage new subscriptions. Shirley Gibbs asked for consideration of a new resident pack. Agreed subscription year runs Jan to Jan. Suggestion made by Michael Freeman to consider funding NW ‘no cold calling zone’ if council fail to do so.

Social: Liz said how well received the Bouncy Castle was for the BBQ and proposed hiring them again. Other suggestions included face painting, circus entertainment (Tania will investigate). This years date confirmed as Sun 8.9.19.

Xmas – agreement that drinks in the Standard pub works well and repeat this for 2019.

Picnic in the Park – not much interest so far , so agreement to cancel.

Planning: Jane reported a quieter year in terms of objections by LWA . A detailed list of applications and their outcomes is on the LWA website.

Two applications awaiting approval – Blackheath Service Station, 1 Vicarage Ave.

Potholes – majority have been filled.

The committee are very grateful for Jane’s hard work monitoring planning applications on behalf of LWA

Communications: Steven asked for contributions and will update the website with the latest NW info, there are 62 members on the FB group, approximately 90 on email list. The photographic competition got much enthusiasm.

Election of new committee: Sanjeev and Aldous stood down during last year for personal reasons. Michael F proposed and Shirley G seconded that the current committee are re-elected. Two members of the committee – Howard and Ben (Ben co-opted during the year) were not present and it was not known whether they wished to remain on the committee. It was agreed they should be retained as co-opted members. Shirley G proposed a vote of thanks to all current committee members.

AOB: none.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm


Brief notes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting of your residents’ Association

The 5 June meeting was lively, with over 30+ attendees including our two new Councillors Mariam Lolavar & Leo Fletcher who have recently been elected to join Geoff Brighty as Blackheath-Westcombe Royal Greenwich Council ward representatives. There were a wide range of neighbours present; from those who’ve been members for many decades to families who’ve only just moved to Langton Way.

Discussion ranged over social events, planning, potholes, crime & CCTV, Stratheden Road junction & traffic safety, improving communications via emails, newsletter, website (especially the trades list), the Facebook group, and that a healthy Bank balance of almost £2k can cover repairs to the collapsed west gate.

Fuller minutes will appear on the website soon, with ideas for follow up action. Meanwhile contact details for our Councillors, as promised, are