Notes from the 2021 Annual General Meeting of your residents’ Association

Langton Way Association Annual General Meeting – 7.00 pm on 18 November 2021 in St John’s Church, Stratheden Road


Alex M paid tribute to the support that neighbours had shown to others on the street during Covid.

Matters arising from the last AGM (June 2019)

The Committee had discussed Shirley Gibbs’ proposal of a welcome pack and were hoping to produce one shortly

2021 Photo competition

The competition had been won by Sue Morris who had kindly donated her prize (a bottle of champagne) back to the Association for use at another event. It was proposed a further competition be run early in the new year on a winter theme. Brigitte suggested opening it up to other media, such as watercolours.

Neighbourhood Watch

Keith discussed anti-social behaviour (ASB) and how to report it; home security (having good security lighting, knowing who you are opening the door to at night, and not keeping Sat Nav holders or things that look as if they could contain valuables in the car) ; keeping an eye out for apparent child exploitation; the availability of Neighbourhood Watch grants if we need them and the steps that we can take to protect ourselves and others from Covid. He circulated a handout from Neighbourhood Watch covering these issues. In the discussion that followed mention was made of a black BMW that sometimes parked at the Stratheden Road entrance to the east side of Langton Way and appeared to be dealing drugs. The police were aware of this and keeping the situation under review in the hope of being able to make an arrest. A warning was also given about the need to check one’s bank statements to identify any unknown payments. These could be scams which, although for small amounts, could mount up over time.


Shilpi reported that the LWA currently had a balance of £1,807.68 (compared to £1,644.43 at the AGM in June 2019). Subs received were £70 (June-Dec 2019), £310 (2020) and £240 (2021 to date), totalling £620. Expenses were £141.86 (June-Dec 2019), £188.73 (2020) and £126.16 (2021 to date) and included the cost of having a webpage, the newsletter, the BBQ (drinks, food, hire of a bouncy castle and storage of the BBQ equipment), Neighbourhood Watch, flowers for the departing Committee secretary and a contribution to the Standard’s Christmas lights.


Jane reported that most of the planning activity in Langton Way over the last two years had related to maintenance of trees in people’s gardens. However there were currently two applications that related to residential developments: a proposed 4 bedroom 2-storey House on the plot on Langton Way behind the Esso petrol station on which a decision was currently awaited, and the construction of a zinc clad dormer extension to the rear of 98 Langton Way that would involve the roof being raised and replaced, with two dormer windows to the front (Application 21/3633/HD). The consultation period for this application ends on 1 December 2021. A query was raised regarding the future of what was the old people’s home at 133 Langton Way. As no one knew Jane said she would ask our local councillors (Maryam Lolavar, Leo Fletcher & Geoff Brighty).


Liz explained that we were not able to hold a BBQ this autumn because of building works in Gregor Mews. However we were planning to repeat last year’s Light Up Langton Way on 11 December. The meeting was invited to make suggestions for other events. Those proposed were an international food event, possibly in April/May, a gardening event at which tips/plants were exchanged, teaching events where someone instructed a group in a particular skill and the setting up of groups of residents with a common interest. It was also suggested that a street WhatsApp group could be set up which residents could use to borrow tools, pass on unwanted goods etc.


In the absence of any councillors, nothing to report.


Shilpi reported that there were currently 101 LWA Facebook subscribers, as opposed to 62 in June 2019. Steven reminded attendees that the website contained information about planning and the Neighbourhood Watch. There was also a useful list of tradesmen recommended by residents which he encouraged people to add to. He said that he would welcome ideas for extending the scope of the website and contributions to the Association’s Newsletter. It was suggested that it might be interesting to have an item about the history of Langton Way.

Any other business



The current Committee said that as there had been a couple of departures from the Committee in recent years (Ellen Wright, Howard Ainley and Ben Rew) they would welcome applications from residents to join the Committee.