LWA and Planning consultation

You can review planning applications and comment on new development proposals online via the Council website: https://planning.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/online-applications/

The LWA are also consulted by Planners, most recently on basements, and had input in producing the Council’s guidance SPD on residential extensions, basements and conversions: https://www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/downloads/download/796/residential_extensions_basements_and_conversions which you may find helpful to read if you are thinking of making an application of this nature. Anyone contemplating a Development or a Planning Application is also encouraged to consult neighbours informally at an early stage. LWA is also always happy to hear of proposals prior to application.

When the Association was founded in 1960 its objectives were:

  • “…to preserve and improve the amenities of Langton Way (including its approaches…and adjacent areas) in its character as a private street of rural features (and) to oppose the changing of its character…” .

These objectives were developed in more detail in:

In 2014 the Council adopted a new “Local Plan: Core Policy” to replace earlier ones. The Brief is no longer regarded as policy by Royal Greenwich, although some of its elements have been incorporated in their guidance .

In deciding whether to comment or object, the LWA tends to refer back to its founding objectives.


16 Langton Way (Application 21/3986/TC) Removal of a magnolia tree and pruning of two pear trees and an olive tree in rear garden. Pruning of two crab apple trees on Angerstein Lane. Consultation period ends 29 November 2021

98 Langton Way (Application 21/3633/HD) Construction of zinc clad dormer extension to rear; installation of new raised slate roof ; installation of 2 rooflights at front; other associated external alterations. Consultation period ends 1 December 2021.

Land rear of 37A Shooters Hill Road (Application ref 21/3220/F) a proposed 4 bedroom 2-storey House on the plot on Langton Way behind the Esso petrol station. This replaces the withdrawn application made earlier this year (see below). Decision awaited.

139 Langton Way Fell purple leafed plum in rear garden due to major dieback. Approved Nov 2021. Replacement tree to be planted.

6 Langton Way Remedial works to purple leafed plum in rear garden due to major dieback. Approved Oct 2021.

130 Langton Way Fell a failing prunus tree and reduce a row of Leylandii in rear garden. Approved Oct 2021.

47 Langton Way Fell a dead pear tree and maintenance to a magnolia tree, two holly trees and a neighbour’s oak. Reduce spread to two lime trees at front of property. Approved Oct 2021.

66 Langton Way Works to be carried out to front of property: Norway maple – fell as tree too close to property and retaining wall. Approved October 2021. Replacement tree to be planted.

111 Langton Way Works to be carried out to rear garden: Yew – reduce in height and radial spread. Acer palmatum – thin crown gently. Himalayan birch – reduce in height and radial spread. Approved Sept 2021.

94 Langton Way (Application ref /21/2822/TC) Reduce plum tree in front garden garden approx 0.5M below telephone wires. Approved Sept 2021

1 Gregor Mews (Application ref 21/2067/TC) Fell Goat willow in front garden and replace with Malus Rudolph. Approved July 2021

Land rear of 37A Shooters Hill Rd (Application ref 21/0172/F) a proposed 4 bedroom 2-storey House on the plot on Langton Way behind the Esso petrol station. Application withdrawn.

174-178 Langton Way a high-level front boundary fence; refused Feb 2021


98 Langton Way two rear dormer roof extensions, rooflights to front and rear; approved Dec 2020

Land rear of 67c Shooters Hill Rd construction of a two storey two-bed dwelling-house, replacing a garage on the Langton Way / Vicarage Ave corner; approved Oct 2020

50 Langton Way heat pumps on side elevation. Approved Sept 2020.  Alterations to side & rear windows and doors and installation of external wall insulation; approved July 2020

130 Langton Way changes to previously approved rear extension; approved July 2020

94 Langton Way replacement front Porch, replacement of windows and Certificate of Lawfulness for a single storey rear extension; approved June/July 2020

115 Langton Way single storey 2-bed house in rear garden with an access from Vicarage Ave; refused April 2020

113 Langton Way single storey rear extension and demolition of conservatory; approved Feb 2020

178 Langton Way  amendment to existing permission, extending an approved side extension by 1.5m; approved Jan 2020

Basements policy

Royal Greenwich have now adopted their ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ policy on ‘Residential Extensions, Conversions and Basements’ which we commented on early in 2016. Click here to download a copy.