Neighbourhood Watch

Membership of Langton Way Association also enrols you in the local Neighbourhood Watch; this may also reduce your home insurance premium if declared.

To receive (or opt out of) Neighbourhood Watch alerts by email, please contact Keith at

Note that the Neighbourhood Watch mailing list is distinct from the contacts list for our more general updates on Planning or Social issues; to receive these please register separately at

The community’s role in tackling antisocial behaviour cannot be overstated. Having an awareness of what it looks like in your neighbourhoods, what is being done about it and how you can contribute to finding a resolution are fundamental. Your local authority Community Safety Partnership website should detail all the ways you can report antisocial
behaviour, who to report it to and how you can help. They are there to protect you and should value your input in raising any issues you are facing.

Be in control of your front door
It can be a little unnerving when you get an unexpected ring of your doorbell late at night. It’s important to remember that at night you should never open the door to anybody you are not expecting. However, if you don’t have a viewer installed, it can be tricky to know who is calling.

Installing a ‘Ring’ doorbell may be a good idea for many and is which is basically a video doorbell that you can easily install yourself and you are able to answer the door and check in on your home at anytime from anywhere using an app on your phone. Whether you’re in the garden or halfway around the world. It also has the advantage for observing who may be acting suspiciously around your property. For a small additional fee you are able to store video content on the cloud that you can access later should there be anything you need to pass onto the police.

Install lighting
The darker nights provide would-be burglars with the opportunity to stay largely out of sight and undetected.

Keep valuables out of sight (inc. in cars)
Whilst this might sound like common sense, many of us often forget to consider just how much can be seen by somebody looking in
through a window. Valuables, such as electronic goods, wallets, jewellery and other expensive purchases should all be kept in closed cupboards or drawers,
rather than out in the open. Take name and address off packaging before discarding outside in rubbish.

Ongoing and developing scams include:-

  1. Fake emails from well know companies asking for you to click on links.
  2. Banks (branded emails) asking for account / private details.
  3. Covid and health related ‘offers’ or links to book services – be cautious as some genuine ones do exist ie. call for booster jabs.
  4. On-going online shopping sites.

More information can be found here:

Here is a link to the Greenwhich Neighbourhood Watch website where you can find tons of information on events and useful information and other leaflets.

Please remember that it is always good practice to report anything suspicious to the local community police. They will act on reports so please don’t think that they won’t.

If you use Twitter then this is a good way of reporting something and it means you don’t have to call and be kept waiting on a phone for ages.

Twitter: @MPSGreenwich

You can also report crime online Report a crime | The Met

Non-emergencies: tel 101

BLACKHEATH WESTCOMBE TEAM: 0208 721 2635 or 07920 233 828 (voicemail)