It was great to have so many entries in for the Summer 2021 photo competition, 38 in total, and we are delighted to announce the winner as well as second and third places and also show you all the other images. Let’s hope that we can have even more people submit photos when we announce our next competition.

This is the winning photo in the Langton Way Association ‘the height of summer’ theme photography competition.

Winning image by Sue Morris

(a path through the cool woods on one of the rare sunny days spent at beautiful Chatsworth).

Such a lovely image evoking a hot summer’s day walk through the cool of the dappled shade of the trees. Well done!

Second place goes to Shilpi Selot for her ‘busy bee’ photo

Third place goes to Iain Herman for his ‘road to the sun’ photo

Here are the other entries

Summer 2021 photo competition