Langton Way Association; COVID-19/Coronavirus lockdown support

We’ve seen a tremendous, spontaneous response to the current crisis. Many neighbours have offered help with shopping, collecting medicines or other support to older or vulnerable neighbours who are housebound or socially isolating at home.

As the lockdown tightens and we are instructed to stay at home, remember that shopping for, and support to, vulnerable people are legitimate reasons to go out. 

Please contact the following volunteers directly if anyone you know needs help; especially if they don’t use email or the Langton Way Residents Facebook group.

Volunteers offering help to neighbours isolating at home

Audrey and Huw at 16 Langton Way, 07710 726291

Helen and Arun at 18, 07903 302192 (Arun) and 07825 222168 (Helen)  

Kerry at 37, 07590 538061 

Mandy at 80 Langton Way

KJ at 98, 07841 641020

Judith at 99, 020 8269 2446 & 07900 245445

Simon at 100, 07770 381606 

Martin and Caroline at 135, 07887 645660  

Shilpi at 158 Langton Way

More information & how to volunteer…

Some residents are already helping older neighbours. Post any more offers of help on our closed Facebook Group page at langton.way.se3 or email

Councillor Mariam Lolovar reminds you that Royal Greenwich seek volunteers at: (copy and paste the link). has Council updates. 

Government “Distancing” advice is still online at at and links to harsh new official guidance is at

A new “Blackheath Standard & Westcombe COVID-19 Community Support” group also offer assistance:

Finally- stay safe 

Keith, our Neighbourhood Watch contact, repeats Police advice to beware of scams or fake callers; no Council, Health or other officials will ever visit you without prior notification; email:

COVID-19 update