It was great to have so many entries in January 2020s photo competition and we are delighted to announce the winner as well as second and third places and also show you all the other images. Let’s hope that we can have even more people submit photos when we announce our next competition.

This is the winning photo in the Langton Way Association ‘winter’ theme photography competition January 2020.

Winning image

This has such an emotive feel about it and there is a excellent story conveyed. You can imagine yourself on a cold, early, foggy winter’s morning or evening following the person in front and suddenly looking up at the startled birds in flight. The dimly lit pathway, the faint, looming church
coming into view and just a hint in the distance of buildings draws the viewer in through these subtle layers.

The composition is well framed with a strong focal point which, slightly off centre, makes the image more arresting. The secondary focal point of the birds is an added bonus. The fact the it’s in black and white adds further to the dramatic effect and the tones all work harmoniously together.

Well done and a worthy winner.

Second place

A solitary figure in silhouette against a winters sky has a wonderful presence and compliments the single tree that looks almost like another, albeit, very, very tall person facing away in symmetry. The detail in the filigree work of the branches is lovingly captured along with the soft, subtle tones of colour.

Third place

A beautiful and vibrant winters sunset is perfectly captured here through a lattice of branches which draws the viewer in to the blazing skyline beyond. The almost black silhouette of the foreground is a perfect foil for the purple and pinks of the background.

The other entries in the competition


Winter photo competition